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Arthur has been neutered 1st feb. You may not want to put the effort in because every time you have, you have been criticized. But it's OK to get feedback on your work.

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It's how you grow and become better. Libra, you need to stop focusing on yourself and your wealth. It's kind of selfish and you really need to give others a chance. If you set forth making changes to yourself and your actions, then you will become a better person and will be more approachable in the future.

Scorpio, you have to find that being surrounded by others makes you a stronger person. It's important for you to give and make the ones around you feel welcome and important, it will, in turn, make them want to give back to you. Sagittarius, you have to make some choices. Is it time for you to focus on your relationship? If so, then it's important to find out where you stand on love and sexuality and separation and union.

Knowing these things will help you work through the intensity of your relationship by setting boundaries. Capricorn, you need to take some time and share your happiness with others. Enjoy the time where you can celebrate your freedom, express yourself and have fun. Aquarius, you are going to find love in abundance in this time of new beginnings. You are going to be filled with optimism and the belief you have in yourself is going to be strong. Pisces, you are going to be experiencing some changes and personal growths. Let yourself follow your own judgment and make decisions accordingly.

Top 75 Tarot Websites & Blogs For Tarot Card Readers To Follow in 12222

If you put in the work, you will be rewarded in kind. Aria Gmitter, M. About Blog Discover of 'Arab oracle secret attracting love, luck and wealth. In this blog you can find guidance, coaching and predictions from tarot reading. She is also a trained yoga and pilates teacher, and a qualified and certified life coach Association for Coaching.

Currently, she is taking training in hypnotherapy, which is magic by another name. Follow this blog for for tarot readings and reviews. Since Apr Blog innerwhispers.

About Blog My name is Jessica. I have been doing spiritual work for several years, and I am here to help. My services include Tarot cards, astrology, sending positive energy, chakra balancing, healing and crossing over the deceased. God bless. Sending light and love your way. Divination tools include tarot cards, playing cards, geomancy, lenormand, oracle cards, tea leaves, coffee, automatic writing and drawing, psychometry, and intuitive readings using clairvoyance, clairaudience, mediumship and empathy.

About Blog My name is Elise Mori.

I am a Healing Master Teacher and Tarot professional. I help people to map their own pathway to self-knowledge.

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I use the archetypal images of the Tarot and the laws of synchronicity to interpret the Tarot cards. About Blog Keep up with articles from Tarot Instincts. Brooklyn, NY About Blog Diana provides some guidance in the areas of love, boosting self-confidence and general spiritual living in the modern day with quick and on the go tarot, oracle and Lenormand card readings. Her type of reading style is more consultative. Blog modernwitchywoman. Sydney, New South Wales About Blog Tarot avenue provides accurate and insightful online tarot readings so you can be guided to reaching your full potential.

Their belief is that they can help you navigate the twisting roads of your life's journey and give you the information and guidance that you need to find the right path. About Blog Tarot is my passion since I remember my premonitions and prophetic dreams. Previously I was afraid of it, now I became accustomed with the idea that I have a talent, I decided to grow and take lessons with the famous Tarocistki, who helped me, pointed the right path.

Thanks to that I can help you too. Run by Agathis Tarocist. India About Blog Tarot encounters uses the synergy of universal forces to show you the right direction. In their own way, Tarot Cards harness the power of the energies around us to talk to us, only if we are willing to listen with an open mind. Be it personal or professional, Tarot encounters helps in understanding the higher purpose through everyday readings and even past life readings. About Blog Spiral Sea Tarot is a way to contribute Julia's perspective to the conversation and provide heart felt readings to those who wants seek them.

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About Blog Everything about spirituality and tarot reading will be discussed here. Spirituality includes third eye, increasing awareness and how to's. He brings a highly unique approach to his readings due to his studies of Smai Tawi.

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Through his study with Baba Heru and Queen Afua he has mastered the art of balancing levity and gravity. Follow this blog to learn more about the types of readings, tarot cards and decks, etc. Blog tarotbylisa. About Blog Ellen loves to play with tarot and oracle cards. Since she is a fervent writer too, she've decided to combine these two passions into a blog about Tarot, oracles and some of my more creative endeavors. Blog greyladyshearth. Get tons of free Tarot spreads, tips and tools. We were formed in to provide support, information and resources for Tarot enthusiasts of all levels.

The future is not fixed, but so often our mind-sets are, a Tarot reading helps you find your best way forward. Tags: tarot rss feeds , tarot blogs uk , tarot news.

Pisces - Your Weekly Focus for March 19 to 25, 2018

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Email us us the type of bloggers you want to reach out at anuj feedspot. Top 75 Tarot blogs. Subscribe newsletter. Little Red Tarot North of the wall About Blog Little Red Tarot is an alternative tarot resource for anyone who's curious about what a deck of 78 cards can teach them. The Tarot Lady About Blog Theresa Reed have been reading professionally for over 25 years, combining the use of Tarot Cards, Astrology, and other forms of divination to help her clients improve their lives and find their direction.


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Mary K. Maddy Elruna South East, England About Blog Maddy have been a tarot card reader for more than 20 years, and she can help you find the answers and direction that you need in life through a reading of the cards. Interrobang Tarot About Blog Evvie Marin is an artist, writer and ever-loving sucker for the woo arts, especially tarot. Chrysalis Tarot About Blog Chrysalis Tarot is about achieving your destiny; that co creative, co operative, maddening march through life filled with chance, chicanery and choice. Yogini Tarot Youtube About Blog Yogini Tarot will help you get guidance and inspiration from the uploaded tarot readings.

Indigo Smokes About Blog Indigo Smokes is a free-spirited, evolving brand that promotes mind-body-soul balance, self-care, self-expression, self mastery, metaphysical living and chill vibes.