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Aquarius Sun Sign Personality

Astrologers note that it's often a target when it's not in your full awareness—it can be one where you project onto the other person. Projection is a common theme with oppositions. A passionate Leo does battle with cool Aquarius, while secretly wondering what they see that Leo doesn't. And Aquarius chides the Leo as full of themselves but longs to feel some of that spontaneous enthusiasm.

You might attract "the Other" to know where they're coming from. They are similar, but approach life from the total opposite side. It's interesting to note that both Leo and Aquarius are Zodiac signs of original creativity. And of singular personalities—both stand out, as outstanding individuals. That's why it's been called the axis of ego.

Both have the power of personality going on. Leo is the Selfie, and Aquarius the Aware Self. Both have a strong sense of unique character. For Leo, that might be standing in the spotlight as the star, while Aquarius is more at home in an ensemble.

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Leo is lost in the heat of the moment and gets carried away. Meanwhile, Aquarius sees the stage play of life as if from above, watching the players move around.

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It's a concentration of the vital Self, in all its particulars. Like its ruler, the Sun, Leo can think the world revolves around them. Leo is often wed to who they are, and finds confidence in that. Aquarius is a sign of breaking free, to see the big picture, and to hold onto personal garb loosely, so as to go through many shocking changes. Aquarius is all about re-inventing themselves. Proud Leo can be inspired by Aquarius' ability to break with convention, and not care as much about what others think. There's more than a touch of the liberator in Aquarius, who shows Leo that there are times when you have to disappoint your fans or followers and hold fast to a higher truth.

By being in Leo's shiny presence, Aquarius finds an appreciation for themselves as a one-off. Aquarius has that knack for meeting the future self, and inhabiting it, and then changing the present.

Leo can find it inspiring to experiment with meeting the future self, as a visioning exercise. Aquarius is a sign of the future and electric shocks to our notion of who we are and who we can become. Along the way, you will need to learn to recognize feelings or emotions, and the role that these can play in a balanced approach to life.

If you are on the Aquarian journey, then intellectual flexibility as well as emotional intelligence is required. Aquarius rules the collective and in many ways, Aquarians tend to more comfortable with the impersonal, objective and detached than anything intimate. This is perhaps the least emotional sign of the Zodiac, and although many of you are highly emotive of course, you are likely to tend to deal with things in a calm, rational and logical manner where possible.

You recognize that pure logic, when artfully applied, helps an individual to see the outcome that is best for all concerned. Because you tend to see beyond the personal and immediate, you can recognize what is right for the group. Because you can detach from purely personal concerns you understand that what is best for one may not be the best for all. In such circumstances, you are likely to support ideas and principles that are collective in orientation. As you evolve you learn to focus on what will be of benefit to the greatest number of people involved.

Social awareness, political insight and group involvement is important as you naturally tend to think in ways that are inclusive, collectively-oriented and concerned with principles such as justice, fairness and equality for all. You may be motivated by ideas that have a far-reaching political or scientific reach rather than dwelling on personal concerns or short term gains. You may find yourself mixing with a broad range of people, maintaining connections with people from all walks of life as you focus on what is similar rather than different in the people you have around.

Aquarians have a way of making things that affect the group or the collective more important than purely personal concerns. Aquarius also rules all aspects of science and technology, so you might find you have special talents in any related fields. Broadcast technologies and telecommunications are governed by this sign, as are politics and humanitarian concerns. Engineering, scientific innovation and human resources also falls within its remit.

Many alternative therapies, metaphysical ideas and occult philosophies that have a scientific as well as intuitive bent are ruled by Aquarius.

Often, Aquarians will be found working in such fields. Your willingness to go it alone when required, and bring into manifestation the new or untested makes you ideally suited to any profession which involves testing and rapid change.

Sun in Aquarius

From another point of view, Aquarians have a way of finding themselves on the outside. Despite your collective tendencies, you may find yourself at times the rebel or the rule breaker within your family or community at large.

Sun In Aquarius

In many ways, Aquarians tend to be the ones who do not fit. It is more accurate to say that Aquarians challenge the status quo, so that nothing goes unquestioned for too long. In this way, you tend to find that no matter what you do, you cant help being controversial to a degree, pushing buttons or asking awkward questions that expose unexamined presumptions for what they are.

Your preference is for fairness, justice and equality at every level, and you question anything or anyone that might prevent this ideal from being realised. You realize that every individual has the right to be themselves, and you often find yourself upholding this principle, usually more easily for others than you do for yourself. Because of this sense of unique individuality, you must find ways to connect and relate with others.

There are those of you who experience yourself as an outsider, or as separate from the group. Your sense of individuality may be so strong that you do not feel that you relate, and so operate as a kind of lone wolf. This will keep you isolated and lonely, as well as out of touch with your emotional life. While it is important to uphold your individuality, you must also discover the right group of like-minded others to which you can belong. This may mean breaking through emotional barriers based on feelings of isolation, to discover ways to connect.

You are likely to make a great networker or team-builder if you focus on what people have in common rather than what keeps them apart. This same logic can be applied to your personal life. Taking time to understand the feelings we all share will help you see that you belong. Finding like-minded groups of individuals who can appreciate your unique vision is important, and will help them on your way.

Born with the Sun in Aquarius, you are gifted with the logical ability to see things as they really are, and work toward solutions that bring benefit to all.

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You can rise above the emotional entanglements to view life from a detached and impersonal perspective. This gives you access to information that helps bring forward progress and change. Your journey involves learning to recognize and value your unique contribution. This journey is ultimately one of emotional intelligence. As you become skilled at fusing reason and emotion, you become highly intuitive. You teach others the value of equality and change when you make decisions based on what is best for the collective. And you demonstrate the capacity for unique solutions when you exercise your ability to think outside the box.

In this way, you bring much needed freedom to your own and others lives. By giving yourself and others permission to be, you teach authenticity and respect whilst maintaining the individual freedom which is the hallmark of your sign. Let Damian Rocks explain how your chart can describe your life journey and the potential you hold within! What Is A Sun Sign?

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