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Mining also requires huge amounts of water and when it oxidizes sulfide to form sulfuric acid, it can pollute groundwater.

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Moreover, leftover chemical deposits from explosives also contaminate and increase the salinity of water. Some toxins, like cyanide and mercury, will permanently pollute water and once it spills into a river or a lake, toxic metals and sulfuric acid will inevitably be released into the environment. The consequence of this are immeasurable to all lifeforms. Mining exploration can also destroy forests leading to soil erosion thus allowing toxins to permanently pollute the land.

This, in turn, upsets animal habitats causing wildlife to move, which further exasperates the ecological balance of the region. In time, the land will become barren and uninhabitable to man or animal. Aside from massive environmental destruction, irresponsible mining practices could also bring long-term negative health risks, food security and unwarranted stresses on the livelihood of the Filipino citizens.

Due to irresponsible mining, some local communities have experienced displacement, loss of agriculture and respiratory diseases.

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There are dozens of such cases in the Philippines yet many could have been avoided if proper regulations had been enforced. And this leads us to the question of whether to continue mining contracts even if all promises of safety are upheld. The Duterte administration has begun the implementation of legal procedures on mining while ensuring that nature is well-protected, making it a win-win situation for both environmental activists and pro-mining advocates.

The future of the mining industry in the Philippines remains uncertain as many social and environmental issues still exist and the government needs to address them before fully implementing responsible mining practices. The longstanding debate on whether the mining industry is indeed beneficial has become a melodramatic saga in recent years. By weighing the cost-benefits of mining, its economic contribution and its impact to the local communities, the people and the environment, we can finally determine what could bring the much-needed balance and resolution to the fervent controversy of the mining industry in the Philippines.

Mining has, without any doubt, some positive benefits but there are also several social impacts. Based on the history of the Philippine mining industry, any mining endeavor has high security risks and high costs so before any new project is approved it is essential to understand the true meaning of environmental justice, defined by the U. Can the Filipinos uphold their rights for access to quality air and water?

Can every Filipino live in a clean and safe environment? In summary, the mining industry has its pros and cons. Who knows, their coexistence might be a huge benefit for the economy and for the country. The benefits are always pawned off as good for the economy and essential to the growth of a nation. Chernobyl is still killing Ukrainians and Belarusians. A recent report showed the fish caught on the coast of British Columbia, Canada, had large dosages of radiation.

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This is after effect of Fukushima. So, that being said, how important is your economy versus your wellbeing? People need jobs; governments are desperate to supply those jobs and big business destroys the environment but not before earning wads of cash. Close them all down and open up an enormous amusement park instead.. The best bet is to work with mining companies who have excellent environmental records.

The smell carries for miles and I saw for myself how sludge can reach water basins far away from where the water was originally polluted. If the people who lay down fines can be bought, there is no monitoring. I lived in a mining town in Northern Quebec for twelve years when I was a kid. Not only did it stink but the water was unsafe to drink.

This was long before environmental agencies were watching. Stay far away from mining. Mine the hell out of the place but charge through the nose. Do whatever you can to make the economy move except give it away. Extracting anything from mother nature is a disaster waiting to happen. Not only that, who gets rich from this? Mine, be careful, and get as much as you can to build new ventures. I have too seen the damage that mines do to villages and lakes. Sometimes the water smelled so bad we had to boil it several times before cooking. A flash of a wallet will open a mine, the wallet will pay cheap salaries to desperate men and women.

The minerals will be sent to foreign countries for foreign companies and when the mine is done or the lakes have been polluted, the wallet will disappear and the poor desperate men and women will bathe in crap for the rest of their lives.

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We may have laws about mining but the implementation is almost nonexistent. They will buy raw material and they will make something about it and the WE will BUY it from them especially in the Philippines tho. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

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