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That means you've earned a break. We're not saying it's time to retire unless it's actually time for you to retire. If so: do! Take a moment and look back at everything you've done in your working life. That means more than whatever job you're in now. It even means more than looking at your past work history.

It means looking at everything you've done in the service of someone else, whether you got paid for it or not. We're going to call that your complete working life. What do you notice? We're guessing you see that you've put a lot of time and effort towards other people's goals, wants, and needs.


That's okay: we all work for The Man in some capacity or another. But it's only okay to a point. Now take stock of the amount of work that you've done that was clearly just for you. We're guessing that that's a pretty low amount. We're also guessing it never felt like work. Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life, right?

Libra 2020 Horoscope

Libra, this is the time to do more work for yourself, where you are the primary beneficiary of the fruits of that labor. Given your propensity for fairness and justice, this might feel selfish. Guess what? It is but in a healthy way. You've been working hard your entire life and you're not going to stop. But meet your new boss: you. It's very easy for us to say "change your life completely, Libra!

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How are the bills going to get paid, you may ask, while you follow your bliss and all that? Luckily, this is a very fruitful financial year for you coming up. We're not saying you should buy every lottery ticket that comes your way but do buy one ticket and - and please keep this under your hat - buy that ticket in late February , but if there's a chance to get an unexpected bonus, or get a bigger tax refund than you expected, or to find a quarter in the street hey, money is money , it would be during You won't have to do much to have this bounty come your way other than keeping your eyes open.

Will this be enough money to live on? Probably not, unless you're incredibly frugal. But it could be enough money to be a game-changer and pull ahead in life just a bit and get that much closer to what you want. Squirrel that money away or use it to pay off something that's holding you back. If you haven't been able to think about the future because you're worried about those car payments, pay a little bit extra to lessen that burden. You're investing in your future, one street quarter at a time.

What does it mean for you that Jupiter is in Aquarius? A lot, actually. Glad you asked, Libra. And it especially means a lot regarding your love life. Earlier we described you like the great observer: watching the world and making your decisions as to what you need to do to proceed. Jupiter is the planet most associated with generosity and trust. These are qualities that lend themselves to healthy, strong relationships. Aquarius is associated with universal tolerance and understanding. These can be great qualities in the service of your partner, but what can they do for you?

You take pleasure from being that outside observer. You're the person who is standing on the edge of the party, watching everyone have a good time. Meanwhile, you don't have to bother with small talk or entertaining a drunk guest. This is your ideal state.

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There's a part of you who has enjoyed that part of romantic relationships as well but maybe you didn't want to admit that to yourself. And you know what? That's okay. This factor will bring you both considerably closer to each other.

Libra March Horoscope: Libra, according to the researches of your March Horoscope, your health will be a matter of concern. Along with this, there could be a sudden travel opportunities. But, do not indulge yourself in any kind of hastiness. Try to maintain cordial relations with your colleagues and seniors because you may need their support at some point. Libra April Horoscope: April Horoscope of Libra indicates a fortunate period for the natives, where career growth and advancement will enable you to climb stairs of success and advancement.

Work trips will enhance your professional life in such a way that it brings you desired financial profits.

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Just, be mindful of your professional relations and try to maintain them in the best possible ways. Rest everything will be sorted out. Libra May Horoscope: Libra, as predicted by your May Horoscope, you should be extra mindful while dealing with legal matters. Keep everything on record and pay taxes on time. You can begin reassessing on topics of interest; success will be at your doorstep. On the Health front, you may get caught up by infections and diseases.

Libra 2020 Horoscope – Love, Health , Money & Career

It is prudent to take precautions in advance. Those who are on the verge of completing their education will fly with bright colors of success and achievement. Your father will be your pillar of strength, standing strong with you in all aspects of life. You may plan a long-distance journey during this month.

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  4. Just, make sure that you move ahead with proper planning and observation. Make an attempt to avoid minor issues and do not fall in a pit of arguments with seniors or boss.

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    This month is reflecting some kind of change in career, so be prepared for that. Libra August Horoscope: Libra, as per August Horoscope, this is an ideal period to invest in share markets as chances of gains are being maximized. You can expect this to be a gainful period, both positional as well as financial wise.

    Your boss and seniors will appreciate you for your commendable work performance. Abstain from pointless discussions, rest everything will be fine!