Lunar eclipse february 20 2020 vedic astrology

Eclipse is visible. The eclipse is not visible at all. Actual eclipse visibility depends on weather conditions and line of sight to the Moon. Lunar eclipses can be visible from everywhere on the night side of the Earth, if the sky is clear. From some places, the entire eclipse will be visible, while in other areas the Moon will rise or set during the eclipse. Usually, there are two eclipses in a row, but other times, there are three during the same eclipse season. First eclipse this season: 6 February — Annular Solar Eclipse.

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Menu timeanddate. January 20, Total lunar eclipse begins: p. January 20, Greatest eclipse: a. Central Time Partial umbral eclipse begins: p. January 20, Greatest eclipse: p. January 20, Total lunar eclipse ends: p. January 20, Partial umbral eclipse ends: a.

Mountain Time Partial umbral eclipse begins: p. January 20, Partial umbral eclipse ends: p. January 20, Pacific Time Partial umbral eclipse begins: p.

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Alaskan Time Partial umbral eclipse begins: p. Hawaiian Time Moon partially eclipsed at moonrise: p. Clouded out? Wrong side of Earth to view the moon in eclipse?

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Watch online via the Virtual Telescope Project. If you want to know more specifically when or if this eclipse is visible from your part of the world, try one of these sources:.

Total lunar eclipse on January via TimeandDate. Total lunar eclipse put in your time zone via Hermit Eclipse.


The January total eclipse of the moon lasts for somewhat more than one hour. Additionally, a penumbral lunar eclipse takes place before and after the umbral lunar eclipse. See the diagram below. In September, Mars will stir up the spirits. If Ariens have no partners in their lives, someone significant may now appear.

Are you under the shadow of Lunar Eclipse in February?

Some bouts of jealousy can also occur. Venus can bring someone, can repair something. Neptune retrograde can make you unsatisfied with what you have now.

You will have plenty of work and the stars are on your side. You can find yourself in some contradictory situations with your superiors because you are trying to solve problems by yourself, without consulting others. Some obstacles may occur while trying to achieve your goals, but these obstacles will not be very difficult to overcome.

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Try to work in a creative way, by avoiding routine. In , it is possible to get professional recognition, and even to earn a great amount of money. If you have specific projects, find the necessary investors to put them in practice. In the second part of the year, you can expect big expenses.

Our advice is to listen to your intuition.