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Although they may give the appearance of being dreamy at times, they are extremely practical and determined.

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Once they have settled on a goal, these people will work tirelessly to achieve it. They are a brilliant combination of imagination and action, creating a mental image of what they want and then taking assertive, methodical and practical steps to achieve it.

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In fact, they are virtually unstoppable when they have put their action plan in place, and however difficult, mundane or repetitious things are, they will see it through. This determined approach is a recipe for success and—if directed toward a worthy goal—can take them not just to the top but to new ground.

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It can, however, also backfire. Part of the problem is that many of their goals and dreams are based on material success and the recognition of others. They need to learn that fulfillment does not just come from outward things but also from inner contentment.

March 19 Zodiac

Only when they are able to look within and understand the importance of both personal and professional satisfaction will they achieve lasting happiness and success. Until the age of thirty-one there is a tendency for these people to be active in the pursuit of their goals.

March 19 - Birthday Horoscope Personality

From the age of thirty-two to sixty-two they may be more relaxed but may also show signs of stubbornness. These are the years in which they should not neglect the importance of their inner life or stop sharing their feelings with their numerous friends. The blend of vision and action that people born on this day possess is a powerful and seductive combination. As long as they remember to keep their ego in check and acquire a degree of self-knowledge, they have both the fantasy and the fire to make their dreams come true.

Romance and intimacy are essential to people born on March 19 Zodiac. This explains for your ability to understand when others are experiencing strong waves of emotion. The Pisces is subject to the planetary rule of Neptune, but as you were born in the third Decan, you receive the mysterious planetary power of Pluto as well.

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More so than any of the Pisces Decans, your unique planetary influence makes you experimental and adaptable. You jump at any chance to try something new and as a result, have had several phases of personal expression.


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Socially, you are a bit of chameleon and seem to have different "versions" of yourself for different situations. Your adaptability is amongst your greatest skills, but be sure to not lose sight of your true self. A Pisces born on March 19 is sensitive and possesses a sunny disposition and a positive outlook.

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Although they can easily give themselves over to impulse and intuition, they understand the need to ground themselves in common sense.