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If the animals are friendly Yoni is compatible. If they are enemies Yoni Porutham is not available and the marriage should not be performed. Yoni porutham can be ensured by proper selection of horoscopes with reference to the Birth Stars of the Girl and Boy. Nakshatra - Yoni 1.


Ashwini - Male horse 2. Bharani - Male Elephant 3. Rohini - Male Snake cobra 4.

Thiruvathirai - Male Dog 5. Poosam - Male Goat 6. Aayilyam - Male Cat 7. Maham - Male Rat Mouse 8. Uthiram - Male Ox 9. Chithirai - Male Tiger Swathi - Male buffalo Kettai - Male Deer Pooradam - Male Monkey Poorathathi - Male Lion Karthikai - Female Goat Mrigashrish - Female Elephant Punarpoosam - Female Cat Pooram - Female Tiger Hastham - Female buffalo Visakam - Female Tiger Anusham - Female Deer Moolam - Female Dog Uthiradam - Female Cow Thiruvonam - Female Monkey Avittam - Female Lion Sathayam - Female Monkey Uthiratathi - Female Cow Revathi - Female Elephant While considering yoni match if boy has Male Yoni and girl has Female yoni the match is perfect or uthamam.

If both boy and girl has male yoni the match is mathimam. Otherwise the match is Athamam or no match.

Significance of Gana Porutham

Yoni match is considered for physical compatibility or sexual compatibility. Rasi porutham represents the following. Unity of the Couple. Possibility of getting a Male child First. Displeasure and Disputes between the Husband and Wife. Unexpected and unnecessary expenditures. The purpose of rasi porutham is offspring and other important thins in life. While counting from girl if 3 comes the effect is sorrow, discomfort and suffering. If 4 comes there will be poverty and struggle.

If 5 comes there will be misfortune and unhappiness in the family.

Thirumana Porutham - Jathaka Porutham - Nakshatra Porutham

If 7 comes it will give auspicious results like progress and prosperity in the family. While counting from groom if brides rasi occurs at 2,6 or 12 the above said ill effect will prevail. Some planets have two places. Her Rasi is Mesham.

Mesha Rasi Adhipathi is Chevvai. Thula Rasi Adhipathi is Sukran. The relationship between Chevvai and Sukran is Equal Status. This is Madhyamam - neither Very Good nor Bad. Rasi Adhipathi Porutham depends on the Relationship of the two planets ruling the house where Chandran is found in Rasi Chart.

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If rasi lords of both boy and girl are mutual friends the result is uthamam. If lords are equal the match is mathimam. If they are enemy the match is athamam. Vasiya Poruthams helps the couple to develop more liking and intimacy with each other. Vasiyam also helps to create confidence and adjustability between the husband and wife. It is plus point in Nakshathra Porutham. Vasiya Porutham is decided by comparing the Rasi of the Girl and Boy. Otherwise no vasiya portham exits. Rajju represents the rope Mangala Suthra used to Tie-up the Thirumangalyam during the auspicious muhurtham time. If Rajju Dosham is present it will seriously affect the couple.

There are 5 kinds of Rajju. The 27 Stars are divided into these 5 Categories. Details of the Raiiu Dosham are explained in the following Table. Rajju is considered important marriage match. September 23, September 23, September 19, September 19, Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. This compatibility is achieved when the lords of the signs of both male and female are the same planet or are friends. This porutham influences the smartness, longevity, luck etc of the offspring to be born to these couple.

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If the man is born in the vasya sign of the female sign or vice versa then, there is vashya porutham. The deep affection between the two is influenced by this porutham. This porutham provides the man with the humanistic, physical and financial ability to protect his wife and children.

go here The 27 stars have been divided into Deva, Asura and Manusha ganas. If the man and woman are born in the same gana then it is considered the best.