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Fagan briefly discusses both the Hindu and Babylonian ayanamsas before examining the horoscope of Mohandas Gandhi. Many astrologers believe that the Age of Aquarius has begun or will begin in the near future. All of the assertions about a contemporary starting date ignore the fact that the Sun has been rising in the Western Fish of Pisces for many centuries. Fagan explains the origins of the exaltation degrees, modes of time reckoning and the importance of the stars on the ascendant.

He also discusses the importance of transits to the lunar return and to the progressed chart.

Cyril Fagan, class '15

Fagan displayed his keen understanding of the intrinsic natures of the planets in his descriptions of transits to the natal Moon. Rebel Uranian. I doo? Find all posts by Moog. You know sidereal does not take the Great Year into account. Lots of astro-information is actually missing without that. For he who lives more lives than one, More deaths than one must die. Originally Posted by Culpeper. Last edited by Rebel Uranian; at PM.

I never identified with sidereal signs and do not see the people I know intimately through the sidereal system Who knows The Sidereal zodiac is a physical reality depicting commonly acknowledged pictures made up of groups of stars used by astronomers, Vedic and Sidereal astrologers. The Tropical zodiac is a mathematical construct used by astrologers only. Most people in the Western Hemisphere think of their astrological signs based on the Tropical zodiac, which is a math-only based system of division with the zero point starting at the Vernal Equinox.

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New babies born on the following day will be told that they have an Aries Sun sign. And they will Tropically. All the Tropical astrologers will mark out the 12 signs, Aries to Pisces, 30 degrees each, from that point in space.

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If you could see where the Sun actually was, you would see it in the 7th degree of the constellation Pisces. Sidereal Astrologers use the physical Zodiac which consists of 12 constellations. So if you were born on March 20 or 21, the Sun is physically in the Sign Pisces, not the constellation Aries. What does this mean to you? But then again, you could have other planets in Aries that gives you the giddy-up that we associate with Aries.

You need to see your birth chart to know how many planets are in each constellation. Look at both and see for yourself which makes more sense to you".

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Sidereal makes more sense to me because it puts my Moon in Gemini, Sun in Capricorn, and it gives me final dispositors of Saturn in Pisces and Jupiter in Capricorn. Jupiter is combust and I think peregrine but I'll have to check and Saturn is in its face, so Saturn is the stronger of the two. Mars is in Hayz rather than Venus. That's a little too much Mercury for how little I can have to say sometimes I even have on-forum examples but it's more sensical than the Moon and Venus and I don't use fully Hellenistic methods anyways.

Originally Posted by Rebel Uranian. Most of human beings want to believe in something that's not real just because they are used to it. Maybe the lack of self counsciousness leads to a dogmatic position. Most of us, grew up, hearing about tropical zodiac We must consider the whole chart. Maybe that would make more sense. I'm a Libra in tropical, and a Virgo in Sidereal I'm very very Virgo.

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I'm a Leo Rising in tropical and Cancer in sidereal I'm generous yes, kind yes, but I'm a loner, I'm not so social, I'm shy I'm lazzy, but in certain occasions I can be very vain too, but who's not? Stars that are said to anchor the sidereal zodiac are called fiducial stars. Probably the best astrology magazine of the time and still so today "American Astrology," had long supported sidereal astrology and frequently ran articles by leading siderealists.

As a reader I was intrigued. So I looked into this branch of astrology, reading Fagan, Gleadow, and then tackling Donald Bradley's book on solar and lunar returns. I went right to work; hand-calculating solar returns, quarterly-returns, and demi-returns in both the tropical and sidereal zodiac.

Cyril Fagan

Bradley's methodology didn't involve any sign interpretation, it was based primarily on the angularity of planets at the time of the return. So the truth was you really didn't need to convert from the tropical zodiac to the sidereal zodiac, you just needed to account for precession. One thing I found from doing all these returns in both zodiacs was that they both worked - but not necessarily at the same time.

I closely followed a series of lunar returns in both zodiacs for several years. Most of the time the tropical zodiac return seemed to be more descriptive of events than the sidereal. But every once in a while, it was the sidereal that clearly symbolized the events of the time. The confusion deepened. A few years later, at around 11 PM, I ran into to the late A. Blackwell, a well-known siderealist, while he was speed-walking a tight arc around Rob Hand's house. Blackwell, who resembled Groucho Marx in some ways, was circuiting the house about every 20 seconds when I caught up to him.

We quickly became friends. This stellium was in tropical Scorpio, however.

Primer of Sidereal Astrology No. 1 by Cyril Fagan and Roy Firebrace (2008, Paperback)

Although I strained by brain in trying, I could never see anything remotely Libran in him. H's unfortunate and untimely end by cancer was preceded by events like a family member's suicide and very serious martial woes. The battle over his legacy continues to this day. I still can't see any Libra, as I undertand its symbolism, here. Around this same time I also began to explore what was then called Hindu astrology.

We all know that this astrological system Vedic uses one or another version of the sidereal zodiac, the slight differences between them being measured by what is called the ayanamsha, the gap between the tropical and sidereal zodiac. The twelve sidereal-based zodiacal signs rasis used in this system are not particularly important overall, and they serve more as a background reference plane for planets than as a matrix for personality distinctions.


The houses are important, however, but house boundaries between planets will remain roughly constant in a timed birth chart no matter which zodiac is employed. After reading a number of texts on the subject it became apparent to me that Hindu astrology was a tradition that was not concerned with extracting psychological insights from birth charts, it was more event-oriented. Given the above, that both Western and Eastern advocates of the sidereal zodiac did not display any brilliance in the subtleties and dynamics of human personality, I moved on to a study of Dane Rudhyar's ideas on astrology.

I was fortunate in even getting to hear him speak in person a year or two before he died. In my opinion, Rudhyar remains the most important astrologer of the 20th century. He had something intelligent to say on just about every issue in astrology, including the sidereal-tropical problem. Rudhyar wrote that the sidereal zodiac, the zodiac of constellations, was a product of the myth-making faculty of the human psyche. These constellations, groupings of stars, are a remnant of an earlier age that saw the rise of agriculture, but they are not relevant to modern life. He felt it was unfortunate that both zodiacs use the same names for their fold division of the yearly circle, and he regarded the tropical zodiac as being the proper framework on which to assess the evolution of mankind.

Further, he thought the so-called precession of the zodiac should be viewed in an entirely different way - the constellations should be conceived as moving forward through the zodiac, just as the planets do. For example, today the constellation Pisces could be said to be advancing through the sign Aries. For many years I asked "why is the notion persist that the sidereal signs of the zodiac actually work separately from those of the tropical zodiac?