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For those born under the sign of Capricorn the color that will bring them greater happiness is the color that is related at the same time to the plant world and over time: amber. The color of that substance that so many objects traps and preserves in time, which is a sumptuous rock made of light and patience, like the talents of the Capricorn. So wear that color, use it on your walls and belongings, choose everything that, in some way, relates to it. Among metals, the one that has better functions as an object of power for the Capricorn natives is undoubtedly the lead.

Humble and resistant, it is the metal that is used to protect us from harmful radiation, in the way that a Capricorn becomes a shield for those who love with the strength of their love and with the strength of their convictions. Carry it with you in the form of a small object, be it a pendant or a small figure. One warning: direct contact can be harmful for long periods of time. The jewels that dress those born under this sign with greater light and happiness are those that have the amber as its center. This stone absorbs the light and returns it with a liquid and soft texture, like that of a caramel.

It is a sweet and playful jewel, which imitates the spirit of the Capricorn: always optimistic, always invincible. Prefer those objects that you can carry with you insight so that the light of the stars and the sun fill your stone with positive energy. This delicate flower that releases its perfume at night is undoubtedly the most powerful vegetable and living amulet for a Capricorn.

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Keep it in a pot or vase near your bed and its aroma will be a veil that will purify your body and soul for the challenges of the day today. If you choose a perfume or lotion, it is the one that has its aroma as the protagonist. How to make a domestic amulet for Capricorn?

Prepare an aromatic bag with cloves, willow leaves, holly and eucalyptus. Let your fabric be amber. It is best if you prepare it in New Moon while listening to one of your favorite pieces of music. Put them in the corners of your house or take it with you.

Their element is the earth, so they always try to live with their feet well placed in it, they do not need to be fantasizing and dreaming of impossible and always try not to do the others, because they know what it costs to get out of the clouds and do not allow That the people who want to receive those hard falls when they face the problems presented by the world. The colors of Capricorn are related to their element earth, so it is the colors brown and green that prevail in their natural color palette.

Lucky numbers are 37 and Fri Oct Complications You've normally got your head screwed on the right way when it comes to anything financial but there's a lot of confusion and complication in the air today, making it difficult for you to work out what's going on. Maybe someone is deliberately pulling the wool over your eyes or perhaps you're refusing to look at the facts for some reason.

But either way, don't make any important financial decisions now in case you have second thoughts when it's too late. Lucky colours are violet and ginger. Sat Oct Indoor Games This is a marvellous day for being active and energetic. Even if your idea of being energetic is to open a packet of biscuits, it would do you good today to go for a brisk walk, get your money's worth at the gym, go jogging in the park or knock a football around. Or perhaps you have some indoor games in mind.

If you don't find a physical outlet for all your energy, it will start to make you irritable and restless. Lucky colours are yellow and ebony. Lucky numbers are 14 and You're in the sort of mood where you're eager to dot all the Is and cross all the T's, especially if you're at work or sorting out a financial matter. It will be good to know that you've done things as efficiently as possible. If you're going food shopping you'll enjoy sniffing out bargains and special offers. It will give you a strong sense of satisfaction. Lucky colours are pistachio and brown.

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Mon Oct Helpful Capricorn You're in a compassionate and sympathetic frame of mind today. If someone's in trouble, you'll help in any way you can.


This might involve putting your hand in your pocket to give them some financial assistance but, if so, try to make sure you aren't being ripped off before you swing into generous action. If you're stopped in the street by someone collecting for charity, check that it's a real charity they're talking about and not something bogus. Lucky colours are gold and mushroom. Tue Oct Limelight This is a fantastic day for putting yourself in the limelight in some way, and increasing your status and reputation as a result.

Something that you've been slogging away at recently might finally see the light of day and earn you lots of congratulations, or someone you respect may pay you a compliment. All this is great but don't let it go to your head and make you seem very full of yourself. Lucky colours are magenta and ivory. Lucky numbers are 2 and Wed Oct Hopes And Dreams The astrological focus shifts to your hopes and dreams for the future today. You must concentrate on your aims and aspirations now, Capricorn. You can turn some of them into reality during the coming four weeks.

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This is also a great time for being with friends and other people who are on the same wavelength as you. Lucky colours are striped agate and obsidian. Thu Oct Wavelength You're feeling very sociable and outgoing with the Moon in Virgo, so it would be a shame to spend too much time by yourself. Fri Oct Testing Day It's a testing, awkward day and you're feeling fraught as though you have the cares of the world on your shoulders. You may also feel that you have to spend the entire day with your nose pressed firmly to the grindstone, either because that's the only way to get through your workload or because that will win you the respect of other people.

But take care not to extract all the fun out of the day and to replace it with duty, obligation and depression. Lucky colours are gold and red. Lucky numbers are 18 and Sat Oct Introspective You don't feel much like talking or socializing, but that is perfectly fine while the Moon battles Saturn, your life-ruler. Nurture your spirit today by indulging in the pleasures and activities that make you feel more whole.

Be yourself with no apologies. Lucky colours are aqua and lavender.