Astraea astrology meaning

Leading by example is better than grandstanding, and Vesta teaches you to work away quietly, without fuss, and achieve the sense of deep satisfaction that comes from recognizing and doing the right thing. Quiet, efficient Vesta can take a while to get used to the expansive energies of Sagittarius. Vesta likes detail and concrete tasks; Sagittarius prefers the big picture and no restraint.

Once you learn how to reconcile these two different energies you can be one of those rare people who see not only the wood, but also each of the trees in it. Perhaps the best solution is to find some line of work that opens up wide fields of opportunity, sown with idealism, whilst easing yourself into a corner where you can deal with the little things too.

And as you know, the little things mean a lot. In some way your whole life becomes dedicated to a process of inner, and ultimately outer, transformation. You need to learn how much to do for people without compromising yourself, and when to let go: you can be possessive! Understanding you can go it alone, safely, is important to your self-actualization. When Vesta discipline and Mars energy are yoked together like this, the results can be wondrous to behold. Once you get going, there is little you cannot achieve.

There is something of the finely trained warrior in your makeup, and you may get a little impatient with less competent and focused people. When Vesta and Astraea conjoin there are shifts in the social fabric of the world, and your life will somehow link you with bigger themes of getting things right and promoting better efficiencies.

You will have a perfectionist streak that can be very empowering, but also self-defeating. Allow things to be less than ideal, even messy, sometimes! This is a contradictory pairing of very different energies. Vesta is tame and worldly, Bacchus wild and otherworldly. You could be blessed with divine inspiration, and able in turn to make your visions concrete. Watch out for a fanatical streak.

The Mythology of your Star Sign

You possess a tensile inner strength that allows you to meet the challenges of life head on, and come up quietly victorious. At your best, you can attain some kind of mastery, of yourself or a craft or study, or all of these. Your patience, diligence and focus can be truly awesome. There is an easy good sense, practicality and aura of maturity about you from early on in life. You have little use for childish things, but can generally convey this seriousness of purpose without appearing snooty or a killjoy.

You function best when following your own drum beat, but can be very obliging to people or causes you consider worthy. Astraea was a classical goddess of justice, whose symbol was the balanced scales. She presided over the moral sense of rightness and good order, and the poetic tradition relates that she was the last of the divinities to leave the world at the end of the Golden Age. Astraea was then translated into the heavens as the constellation Virgo.

These elements of myth give you clues to the meaning of the asteroid Astraea in the horoscope. She is concerned with the integration and organization of things, bringing sometimes disparate elements together and finding the common links that join them up in the web of life. She helps you to focus on detail and understand the meaning of the fine print. She helps you to work both hard and well, and helps you to become more ordered and tidy in at least some aspects of your life.

Astraea - Wikipedia

Astraea can also help you to become quite high minded, whilst integrating into this spacious vision an ability to zero in and see all the small things that go together to make up the greater whole. She can stir up a compulsive quality, too, and stimulate an obsessive streak. This can cause a kind of splitting, which is another aspect of Astraea energy: the goddess who brings things together can also tear them apart.

She does all this, ultimately, in the service of wholeness, and reveals those things it is time to clean up and get rid of, so that everything else can evolve into a more perfect form. Wherever Astraea goes, you are urged to get organized and get your act together — and become the best you can be! You are a visionary at best, with a spacious aerial view that takes in the whole world and sees in a glance every connection.

At worst, your desire to take in everything means you have no focus and your energies are squandered in a scattergun way.

Goddess Astraea

Your zest for life can be strongly attractive, but there are less energetic folk out there who may find you a bit full-on sometimes. You have a gift for stirring things up and making them happen. There is a funny little warrior streak in your nature, or at least something of the master strategist playing war games. This may be quite at odds with your public persona, and could either confuse or intrigue people and certainly make your more intimate relationships more, well, interesting, shall we say?

Essentially, you are one of the change agents of life, and the life you will alter most profoundly is likely to be your own. You grow through a series of phoenix-like transformations, and can assist others to do the same. Lead by example, not force! This pairing stimulates a concentration of your dynamic energies and gives you the ability to get an enormous amount done. The main risk is becoming so focused on your sense of purpose and will-to-power that you lose sight of other issues or people. You draw strength and comfort from your capacity for hard work and focused action, and ability to keep things real.

There can be something almost heroic about your organizing ability or your way of powering through a mountain of work, but you are also able to make allowances for less efficient or resilient folk, and even help them carry their load. You have a gift for projecting all the Virgo virtues in your personal style, which means it is easy for you to present as sensible, organized, disciplined, efficient and focused on the well-being of others.

You could be a bit modest for your own good at times, though, or allow your good nature to be imposed on.

Judge situations with due care! Neediness is not really a word in your vocabulary, unless there are strong contradictory influences. You can be happy to connect, but prefer to do it your way, and with some wriggle room. In Greek myth, there were two divine messengers: Hermes equivalent to the Roman god Mercury , and Iris. Some traditions suggest that Iris was the messenger of the goddess Hera whose Roman equivalent was Juno , whilst Mercury served Jupiter. However you play with the myths, there was a feminine energy associated with communication as well as a masculine one. And modern neuroscience tells us there are masculine and feminine aspects to the brain, too. That is why this asteroid report is named in honor of Iris! The symbol of Iris was the rainbow, and the Iris energies of the horoscope seem to encompass all the colors of the spectrum, all kinds of light: ultimately, the light of pure consciousness.

Mercury shows how you think and communicate in a more systems oriented, data gathering and sorting way. His energy is yang and outward directed. Iris, however, has yin energy and is receptive. She shows how you receive ideas, how you listen, how you intuit and empathize, and how you deal holistically with all the information thrown at you by living in the world. Iris helps you to understand things at a deep level, and to grow in wisdom.

She adds color and depth to the Mercury energies of the chart, and shows another avenue of expression. She helps you to meditate.

5 Asteroid Archetypes In Your Natal Astrology Chart

At her very best, Iris helps you to find true illumination. There is a vastness and sublime beauty to Iris energy. Wherever she sits in your horoscope can be magical, as she helps your consciousness to expand and evolve.

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Fair play and balance are concepts that keep recurring in your consciousness. There is something very spacious and accommodating about your mind, and you find it pretty easy to listen to people and really hear them, a gift that can win you lots of friends and gain you lots of influence. But you do have charm, a true blessing, and a gift of insight into people and their pain. Unless there are strong contradictory influences at work, you are very comfortable when dealing with people, and many would even say you had a natural talent for creating and nurturing relationships.

Since communication is the vital element in all good connections between people, your ability to listen and receive people and their ideas and feelings, and provide by instinct the right response, enables you to become a sought after negotiator, networker, partner and friend. You often have a sixth sense about what is going on with anyone you are dealing with, or any situation you encounter.

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Yet in all this you keep a human touch as well, understanding foibles rather than turning into a briskly efficient robot. Way to go! You can get away with rose colored glasses better than most, but will be more truly fulfilled if you ground your dreams in some reality! You do well in areas demanding some intellectual rigor, and a commitment to understanding things steadily and whole.