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Asteroid Urania and Astrologers Asteroid Urania governs astrology, astronomy and cosmology. And he had such an elegant way with words. Leading horoscope columnist and psychic astrologer Jessica Adams has Urania in Gemini she is a fast and prolific writer trine Moon in Aquarius astrological intuition.

Record all Tarot spreads and take notes of omens or mythological creatures.

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It may be especially helpful to review these archetypal messengers to help you encode a problem in your current affairs. As you read through the stories and accounts of classical gods and goddess compare it to current times and facilitate your spiritual awareness. The stars bring better chances of improving finances. A lessening of worries and workload follows. Others are intrigued and fascinated with you now, finding little fault with your wild suggestions.

Your communication skills will bring new challenges and offer new beginnings, An opportunity to travel for education exists now. Make it a point to visit siblings in there home. They will play an important part in the sudden events that occur. A change in residence is in the offing and it may come as quite a surprise. Friends help you conquer all obstacles. The 23rd shines some light on your career and social status in the community.

A welcome change of events brighten your days. Despite working hard for your money you could actually get recognition in some form.

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A cash settlement or raise may surprise you. Communications may be a bit misleading. There is an important lesson to be learned now and the healing part may involve a sibling as Chiron enters that sector of your chart. The change may be in the way you present yourself. Force will not replace subtly and in this case a change is indicated before you break through barriers.

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Use the assistance of your more diplomatic friends to assist you in this very precarious matter. Always your favorite subject this can hold especially true. This only empowers you to perform more of your magic. Create enough to sit back on and smile. It may be time to direct your energies toward more compassionate ways of dealing with your family.

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Much can be accomplished. Keep up with current trends in your profession and keep communications active with those you work with. Be sure to maintain a healthy relationship between personal and professional life. Study the history of spells and incantations well, especially those from ancient days and other countries that come rich with folklore to enhance your own imagination. These can be seen as your power play days. Use them to enhance your possibilities and encourage good reactions from others.

February 8th is sure to present you with many opportunities to enhance your money options. Your horizon reaches wide now and you will not settle for just any old thing. You want to reach back into time where your mind was set on a beautiful and fanciful deal that only you could devise. Satisfying your current goals you take the initiative and encourage others to join in this wonderful new opportunity. Let others see you for the leader you really are.

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This period brings a culmination to recent educational pursuit or travel plans. You may find yourself completing a long process of analyzing data and health information or diet. Attend a special lecture or seminar to better your choices of life plan. The publishing of special papers or analytical data takes place now. Your energy bears fruit and your recognized for your past efforts on a fine project that may deal with social issues or art.

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There will be a break from the past that allows you to deal with hidden demons that obstruct you. Cut loose from their stronghold and set sales for brighter days. Your visions and ideas can be seen as inspiration for many as 5 luminaries visits your sign on the 8th.

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